Body found at the side of Almazan Street.

Traffic jam and collision in the middle of Daang Hari.

Continued loss of water in Barangay Coswe.

Batid is an incident report tool that uses concepts of crowdsourcing and social sharing for public accountability and social advocacy.

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May be simplified into three core As.


Get notified on incidents happening around you with real-time feed updates and geolocation marked incidents and happenings, unfiltered, uncensored, and anonymous.


Witness incidents and report them on the Batid platform to get your voice heard by the community. Add updates and media to add more to your story, for the social good.


Be an active and accountable citizen. Respond to happenings and incidents around you. Utilize the power of knowledge to respond, act, and assist.


Batid's disaster phase is optimized for disaster response and information viewing.

Streamlined information

Batid gives you access to all the information that you need, right at your fingertips. Real-time reports from people and crucial weather updates.

Request and relief

View assistance requests for shelter and supplied. Network with volunteers for relief operations and response. Offer your home and service.

Track and secure

Using the Batid Band, connect with family and friends - track them and assign waypoints. Never lose sight of your loved ones.

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